Taking The First Step

I have been feeling pretty good about myself lately. Yes, I still look in the mirror and want to cry because I am so out of shape. And yes, I am still fighting for every mile I put in out there but, I am happy anyway. I am happy because I am looking at the target. I am aiming for two marathons this fall and I because I have those two marathons in my sights, and have taken the first steps in getting to that target, I feel as though I am moving forward. By taking the first step towards that goal, I am making progress.

If you have read Ann’s Running Commentary for a while you may remember my post about how to eat an elephant. In it I talk about what it takes to meet a big goal, about how sometimes that goal can be overwhelming and how the only way to tackle that goal is one bite at a time, one step at a time, one mile at a time. If you haven’t read it go back and give it a go. I personally head over there the minute I get overwhelmed.

But as much as I like that post and as much as that saying has helped me, I still find that the hardest bite, the hardest step is that first step. Whether it is the first step in a 4 month marathon training plan, the first form for your college application or working up the nerve to ask out the person who might turn out to be the love of your life it is the first step we have to overcome.

A few years ago, I was terrified of open water swimming. Once I got in the water I was fine but everytime I would stand on the dock looking down at the water, knowing I had to take the plunge my heart would stop and I would be completely stuck to the wood planks. I could not make myself get in that water. Eventually, I would ask Blaise to shove me. “Just push me,” I would beg. And of course, being the good husband he would. Over time I learned to push myself, to give myself the heave-ho off that deck and these days it is a much better experience.

What has you stuck? How can you take the first step to get past it?