Runner's Make A Difference

I have been writing at Ann’s Running Commentary for five years. During most of that time I have made it a policy not to use the blog as a means to fundraise. Last year I changed that policy. Suddenly I had a very personal reason to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Still, I did not think of this blog or my running life as an opportunity to give back. Then, unfortunately. I had a year of experiences that knocked me down over and over again and I could not find a way to get back up. Getting back up for myself was not enough. I needed something more.

I made a decision to give back. To make running about someone else and hope that that would pull me out of the hole I was in.

This year, with my daughter, Megan, I raised money once again for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by walking for 24-hours. Last weekend, I volunteered for the Ocean City Games to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injuries and I recently announced that I am running the Marine Corps Marathon this year for Zero Prostate Cancer Endurance. But will it make a difference? Can runners really make a difference in the bigger world?

Yesterday, I spoke with David over at NordicTrack and it turns out they have done the research. They know just how much of a difference runners have made. Check out this great graphic showing just how much charity runners have raised and what that means to their lives. If it peaks your interest, check out the list at the bottom and join in the cause. Start running for a bigger purpose. Help runners make a difference.