I am an open book.  Ask away?  Don't see an answer below?   Contact me.

I am an open book.  Ask away?  Don't see an answer below? Contact me.

Will you Write a book?

It took years to work up the nerve but I did finally write a book.  A Running Commentary is currently available on Kindle. It is a compilation of many of my earliest and most popular pieces with a little extra thrown in.  It is a book for every runner, from the back of the pack to the Boston Qualifier.


How did you train for Ironman?

I hired a coach.  Because I had trained for Ironman Austria all on my own back in 2004 and DNF'ed that race, I knew I wanted to take my training more seriously.  I did not want to have any doubt about finishing. But my coach did so much more than give me training programs.  He encouraged me every step of the way, He made me feel like an Ironman long before I got there. He He even gave advice and encouragement to my husband who was at the race to shout at me along the course.  I could not have done it without him.

Do you think you over Share?

Maybe.  But even when I wrote, Psyche Ward Annie, sharing the story of my depression and how deep in that hole I had fallen, I found people who related.  The one email I received from a young man who told me he was looking up suicide to find the best way to do it and was ready to take that dreadful step when he came across my blog and decided to ask for help instead is reason enough to continue to share.  I felt so alone when I was struggling.  If I can help one person to not feel alone, then no, I don't believe I have over shared. 


When did you start running?

I started running in 1992, shortly after getting married and realizing I was terribly overweight and unhealthy.  My husband and I started running together in Charlotte, NC and I do believe running together, getting fit together has made our marriage stronger.  I know people do it along but I found it so much easier to have the support of my husband.

How do you Train, work & raise a family?

With support.  I could not do what I do without the support of my family.  My husband often believes I can accomplishment something way before I believe it.  My daughter is always up for any crazy adventure I come up with. And my sons are my biggest fans.  Their love and encouragement are a big part of  what gets me through work, family and sports. 

What's Next

Right now, my youngest son and I are in the middle of a 100+ day cycling streak.  I have fallen back in love with the bike so I am sure there are a lot of cycling adventures in my future.  But I am not leaving the running world either.  I am on a mission to volunteer for all of the races that remain on my bucket list.  I cannot run them but I can experience them.  I look forward to those races and the people I will meet there.  And of course, Meg and I will continue to raise money for Suicide Prevention.  Please continue to support our efforts by donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention