Final Sunrise - New Beginnings

Yesterday our family went on our final sunrise hunt of the summer and what a great way it was to end the summer. Hours before we were to move Blaise into his dorm at NYU, we walked through the city onto the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the most spectacular sunrise of the summer.

For the past few weeks our family has felt like it was in limbo. We were all waiting for the next big event. For school to start, for Blaise to leave for college, for the soccer season to begin and for me to start my first out-of-the-house job in 16 years. During this time we spent a lot of time waiting, barely moving forward. Today the waiting ends.

Blaise is in his dorm and is in the meat of orientation this morning. Zane is at school for his first day of first grade. Meg is putting the final touches on her summer assignments. And I start work at Spark Running. After a month of being in limbo and a year of being in absolute and total flux, we are settling in. We are making big beginnings and looking forward to where they take us.

For me, these new beginnings mark a rejuvenation of Ann’s Running Commentary as well. Once again I am sitting in front of the keyboard. Once again, my thoughts turn from everything that is happening outside to what it means to be a runner/mom/writer. Today I begin anew and I am so happy that so many of you have stuck around, waiting me out. I look forward to sharing this fall’s marathon season with you. I look forward to sharing Meg’s senior year and Blaise’s adventure in NYC. I look forward to being Ann from Ann’s Running Commentary once again.

There will be many more sunrises for us. Yesterday marked only one thing – the end of summer. The rest of the story is yet to come.