Because I Can

I rode my bike today for the the 130th day in a row.  Earlier this week I counted my miles since I started this streak back in April and discovered I have biked over 2200 miles during this time.  Why?  Why would I keep this streak going? Why would I place a priority on riding every single day no matter what? Because I can.

But wasn't that always the answer?  Why did I run marathons? Why go back and conquer the Ironman after my DNF in 2004?  Why become a blogger? Start my own business? Why do I do most of what I do?

Because I Can

A few years back I asked some of my readers for their favorite running photos.  I received many and I used most of them in posts over the years. But the one that always comes back to mind when I think of challenges, pushing through, doing more than we need to do, is the one at the top of the page of my friend Geri, running up this rock quarry. It is such a metaphor for life.  Life is hard but you keep pushing, you keep tackling and you overcome.  You do this because you can.

But there is a caveat.  We keep pushing and we keep tackling because we can now.  Being able to is not a guarantee.  I have been struggling with this the past few months.  I can't run.  But I am so glad I did run while I could.  I am so glad I didn't miss out on the coolest opportunities.

A New Opportunity

So last week when my friend David called and told me about a new series, the Quarry Crusher, there was a little bit of envy.  My first thought was of Geri's photo.  My second was to realize that I couldn't be involved with this race.

This is a working quarry right here near Baltimore.  Every other day of the year this quarry is operational.  But this year, they are closing it down so runners can challenge themselves.  Oh what I wouldn't do to be able to run this. Not only because of the challenge but because the more I read the more fun this event sounds.  The support, the organization and the simple novelty of this event would sell me in a minute.

But alas, I can't.

You, however, can.  Thanks to the race organizers I have obtained a discount code for my readers. Visit the Quarry Crusher site and put in BECAUSEICAN to receive 20% off your registration.

If you run it, please come back here and share your experience so I can live vicariously.  Tell me what you think of the race and which Quarry Crusher you would do next.

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