How To Start A Workout Streak

Streaking With Friends

Streaking With Friends

Six weeks to the day after my surgery this winter I received the all clear to workout again.  While I expected to be elated by this news I was overwhelmed.  Having started Ann's Social Media and Marketing only 8 months before, I was finally getting busy.

How in the world was I going to fit working out back into the schedule? 

Luckily I had two things going for me.  Twenty five years of habit and inspiration, in the form of a mother in law who is absolutely committed to working out no matter what life throws her way. So, I went down to my stationary bike and gave it a try.  

Welcome Back

The minute I felt the first drop of sweat, I was hooked all over again.  There is nothing like sweating in the middle of a workday to make you remember the love of working out.  But would it stick?  Would I be able to do it on a regular basis.


As it turns out I have been, not because of some secret formula, not because of willpower or fear of getting fat, but because I decided to.  Few things in life are crystal clear.  But when you make a decision to commit to something that memory is crystal clear.

I remember climbing off the bike that day and considering how I should start slow and I remember quickly deciding that the only way to start was all or nothing.

Before I had climbed the first step back out of the basement I had made the decision to start a cycling streak again.  I didn't decide to do it for the kudos I would receive on Strava or the joy of seeing that mileage each week.  I did it because I knew that commitment is the key to success in life.  

Committing to the streak

Committing to a streak is one of the best things I have ever done. Because no matter what happens each day I know I will get my workout in.  In the beginning it's all about my commitment. It's all about making sure I get that ride in because I don't want to start over.  

But as time goes on, at least for this mom, it becomes a family affair.  Everybody in our house knows I am on a streak.  This makes it so much easier because everybody feels a little bit of a commitment to help me get it done.  Sometimes that means Megan cooks dinner.  Sometimes it means Zane feeds the dogs and empties the dishwasher.  And sometimes it means everybody just waits because Mom has to get her ride in.  

Today marks 110 days of my streak and it all started with one decision to commit.  How do you start a workout streak? Decide to.