Knuckle Lights Review

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I discovered Knuckle Lights in the winter of 2011.  I was worried about my husband on his early morning runs and was thrilled to find a product that would allow him to be seen.  The bonus was that Knuckle Lights allowed him to see more as well.  The obstacles that had tripped him up were no longer a problem.


Over the years I have found so many more uses for our Knuckle Lights. Meg and I attached them to our gear stroller during our last 24-hour Walk For Suicide Prevention because we found headlamps encouraged bugs to fly at our heads. We use them when walking our big black Great Dane because we can hold the leash and a knuckle light at the same time. This makes Rocky more visible to cars. We even use the when we are making repairs in dim places are the house.

New & Improved Knuckle Lights

When Knuckle Lights contacted me to ask if I would like to review their latest rechargeable model I jumped at the opportunity.  I was sold on rechargeable.  Had that been the only upgrade, it would be well worth the purchase of a new set. Although I have been a fan of the product from the beginning I cannot begin to tell you how scary it was when Meg and I completed a 15 hour overnight walk last may and both lights began to dim.  It was a learning lesson for sure, always carry extra batteries. But it was not a lesson we wanted to learn in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night.

First Impressions

Having worked in retail my first impression was a true first impression.  I love the new packaging.  One of the downsides of carrying Knuckle Lights in the past was the packaging.  Too often the front of the package dislodged from the back making the product unsaleable.  The new packaging, a sturdy box, looks better and eliminated this problem. In addition because the new packaging is easy to open it is also easy for you to let your customers demo the product ahead of time.  There is a hefty price on this product.  For the money that is spent customers want to know what they are getting. From a consumer standpoint, it is much easier to open and get organized right from the beginning. My first impression was that it would also be easy to repackage and use for storing the Knuckle Lights when I am not using them.


The Surprise Upgrade

The thought of using the box for storage became obsolete when I saw the my second favorite new upgrade.  Magnets are built into the side of each light so you can store them together.  This may seem like a small design change but early in the morning when I am searching for everything I need for a walk, the frustration of finding only one of my lights can send me in a tailspin.  Having two lights is one of my favorite things about Knuckle Lights. Having two lights allow me to light up a wider stretch of the trail and it allows me to signal cars in both directions. Running with one is just not the same.  I love the new magnet feature because it eliminates this worry.



More Compact Design

From a design standpoint, the new Knuckle Lights rises far above the old. They are much more compact and sleek.  They have a sexiness to them as opposed to a purely utilitarian look. It is never just about how a products looks but there is something about a sleek build that makes you think quality.  Once you hold them you feel this quality.  They are still light and compact but there is a much higher quality feel to them.


Upgraded Strap

Another feature I have loved about Knuckle Lights from the beginning is the ability to hold a Knuckle Light and still use your hand.  Because they attach to your hands it is like running hands-free.  If you need to carry a water bottle or phone you can without having to juggle a light and a bottle.  Unfortunately the old design would begin to loosen after several wears. The clasp would not grip as tight and I would find myself having to hold onto the light to make sure it was more secure.

The new strap is designed with button holes as opposed to clasps.  This eliminated the problem of the clasp loosening up.

Unfortunately, the new design is not quite perfect and I foresee some redesign of this feature in the future.  The button is difficult to get into the hole and doesn't have that satisfying snap that allows you to know it is indeed secure.




A Matter Of Hand Size

The only real problem I have with the new lights is a big problem for me.  The old design was much easier to turn off and on midrun.  My thumb met the on/off button with no problem.  The new button is oddly placed for my hand size.  However, when I made this complaint to my husband, he put them on and didn't find the same problem at all.  This is one more reason the new packaging is so great.  You can take the product out, try it on and see whether the button works for you or not.


The Pros:

  1. Much better packaging
  2. Less Slippage With Grip
  3. Sleeker Design
  4. Rechargable

The Cons

  1. Buttons on strap are difficult to button
  2. The on/off switch is slightly awkward.

Final Thoughts

Knuckle Lights have saved me and my husband on more than one occasion.  Being seen and being able to see makes any con negligible.  The only product I have found that comes close to Knuckle Lights is the Zephyr Fire 300 and it is a very far,far second in my opinion.  It is not intuitive. It doesn't have the same hands-free feel and most importantly it is only a single light.  I cannot overstress the importance of having two lights during a dark run or walk.  

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