How Did I Get Here

How did I get here? I often ask myself this question. How in the world did I become Ann from Ann’s Running Commentary? How did I become the person lucky enough to have met runner’s from all over the world, to receive emails asking for encouragement before a big event, or better yet, the person who receives emails thanking me for helping them achieve their goals? How did I become a person who who is confident enough to help others achieve their goals?

Today, I need that answer. Having been injured for almost 3 months, not being able to run at all, I need to think back on how this crazy journey started. And if I am honest with myself, it is the same answer any of us could give. It started with that first step, that first mile, that first run.

I look back on that day and see my overweight, out of shape self trying to get through that first mile. I can still feel the frustration and doubt. But I can also feel that sense of accomplishment when it was done. It all started back in March of 1992. Almost 24 years ago, I started my personal journey toward health.

It still amazes me how long it took me to admit to being a runner. It still amazes me that I couldn’t admit that to myself even as I ran 5ks, 10ks and my first marathon back in 1997. But it doesn’t surprise me that the first time I admitted it it was because I was trying to help someone else realize they were a runner. The only way I could convince them was to believe it about myself.

When Ann’s Running Commentary came into being, it was about writing. It was about getting my words out there. But it quickly changed. It quickly became about the readers, the people who would comment, “I felt just that way” or “I needed to hear that.” It became a circle of encouragement, each of us building on the others and gaining the confidence to continue.

The confidence to continue. That’s why I needed the answer today. How did I get here? I got here by developing the confidence to continue. I still don’t have a date when I might or even if I might be back to running. But I have the confidence to continue. I have the confidence to do what I have told my injured readers to do. Find something else I love and keep moving. Be patient. Be kind to myself. And have the confidence to know my time will come again.