Workout of the Week

In 2010 I worked on the coolest project ever.  As a writer for several outlets in Maryland I wrote a series of articles about different workouts.  I spent a morning with a group of women who bought their on rowing skull.  I took Jazzercise, Zumba, kickboxing, and a drumming class.  I sweated my butt off in a hot yoga class on a cold January night and I pulled a muscle in my groin pole dancing.  It was by far the most fun project I have ever worked on.

However, in 2010 I was limited physically.  I was at the top of my game having just completed my fastest marathon ever and often running, biking or swimming even on the days I went in to try these classes.  Today, I am not that same person.  I am overweight and struggling with my body image.  Even dancing in my kitchen can put my back into spasms. Although I am biking every day I am limited and I feel those limitations every day.

My New Project - Workout With Limitations

Still, I have run into trainers and gym owners who have given me hope.  There are workouts I can still do and better yet, there are workouts I can do that will strengthen my core and help me do more as time goes on. So, why not have a re-do of my favorite project but with a caveat, I will try different gyms, and different exercises with these new limitations.  There will be no pole dancing, no Zumba and no high impact sports.  The gym will have to have a trainer or owner I trust and the workout has to start slow.  I have worked out with two places so far, Club Pilates in Severna Park and Capital SUP in Annapolis.  I will workout with additional places in the next two weeks, Active Body and Health and Xcelerated Fitness both in Severna Park.

Starting tomorrow I will post on Tuesdays about these workouts. I will let you know what I thought of the company and trainer, of the workout itself and of the ability to adapt to my specific limitations.  However, if you have a limitation you would like me to ask about let me know and I will ask about that as well.

If you are a trainer, a yogi, or a gym owner and would like to be a part of this series let me know.  This is not a paid advertisement opportunity.  It is simply a way for me to spread some social media love while showing others that an injury, even one that has limited me in so many ways doesn't have to mean the end of your fitness life.  If you have tried an exercise you think will help me with my core issues, leave a comment below and I will try to find a similar one locally.

I am very excited about trying this.  First, because I have no intention of getting older and weaker.  There is too much I want to do still.  And second because I haven't exercised my writing muscles as much in the past couple of years.  I am excited for the opportunity to have something to write each week.