Mental Needs

As runners we talk a lot about listening to our bodies, resting when it is called for and pushing harder when we can tell our bodies can handle it. But what about our minds? Do we listen to what our mental needs?

This week, I realized that I must have been listening to what I needed mentally without even knowing what I was doing. After a year of letting others take care of my family and me I looked back at the past month and understood that I must have had a need to give back.

In the past month I have registered to run the Marine Corps Marathon while raising money for Prostate Cancer. I decided to do this in support of my coach who was recently diagnosed with the disease.

I also registered as a volunteer at the Ocean City Swim, in support of traumatic brain injuries. I will be kayaking 9 miles beside or in front of a swimmer. This swim was created and is being organized by my friend Corey Davis. Last year, the inaugural year of the race, on the day of the race I was admitted to the psyche ward. When Corey found out, he offered to drop everything and leave others in charge of his swim if we needed anything at all. His selflessness amazed me. Kayaking 9 miles may seem daunting but for Corey there is very little I would not do.

And finally, with Megan home from the residential treatment center for just under a month, she has asked that we continue our quest to raise money and awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In less than a month she and I will walk for 24 hours, approximately 60 miles in support of a cause that is so very important to us.

Looking back at the past month, I realize that it must be time to give back. Although I have been more of a couch potato than an athlete over the past year, I know it is time to get up and get out there, but not just for myself. It feels good to be giving back after a year and a half of accepting help from so many different people.

Without understanding where the need was coming from, I listened to my psyche, I signed up for these events in attempt to turn the tables a little bit.

What is your psyche telling you today?