Losing Maximus

I am typing this with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Our sweet little dog Maximus has left for a new family, one without children, one who can take the risk that he is as aggressive as he seems.

When we first noticed his aggression, he lurched for a young boy in our neighborhood. I was able to contain him but only barely. As he is only 50 pounds right now controlling him now is much easier than it will be when he is 180 pounds. He has since made several attempts to attack strangers and has even attempted to bite my husband’s hand when he thought he was taking his food.

We spoke with two different trainers who were adamant that we surrender him to another family and still we were not sure. We went to our veterinarian and were referred to a behaviorist who in no uncertain terms told us we were putting our children’s lives at risk. It was not a matter of if he bit one of them, it was a matter of when.

We are all heartbroken and doubtful about our decision because Maximus stole our heart. He made us love him in so many ways and now we have said goodbye. We know he will readjust. And we know in the long run this is the best solution because if he bites someone we would have to put him down and he does not deserve that.

We went through the Great Dane Rescue and they have found a foster home that will work with him until they feel he is safe to be re-homes in a family who can handle him. All of this is good, yet the tears still roll down my cheeks and my gut feels like its been turned inside out. My youngest can’t stop crying. My daughter is facing yet another loss and the pain spreads throughout the family.

Please think of us today and send positive thoughts as we face even more difficult steps this week with our daughter and big changes for our entire family. It is not going to be an easy week and we could use all the support we can get.