Trust Your Gut

I am loving making these videos. Yesterday I was doing everything I could to avoid going out in the cold when I had an aha moment. The video format gave me a chance to share my thoughts quickly before finally heading out for a much needed run. Hope this bit of advice sets your mind to thinking and helps you to get out there sometimes when you just don’t wanna.

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About Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan is first and foremost a mom of three beautiful children. She is the managing editor of Beyond Limits Magazine and the creator of Ann’s Running Commentary. In 2012, Ann took Ann’s Running Commentary to new levels – first with a segment on the RunRunLive Podcast, chronicling her journey to her first Ironman and second, with a new channel on YouTube. Currently Ann is working on a non-fiction book series and working hard every day to remind people to get up, get active and get out there.
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2 Responses to Trust Your Gut

  1. Pamela says:

    Want to know what is keeping me from running? This is it: my boobs! They hurt! I”m in this endless hormonal hiccup that is menopause, and they’re like watermelons and everything chafes under them and the damn things are just soo painful. I’ve got to trick my mind into overcoming this, b/c it’s not shorts for me, or even the cold, which I also hate, it’s these damn menopause melons. ARGH!!! Sorry, that was TMI, but man did it feel better to unload it 🙂

  2. Ann Brennan says:

    You crack me up. But I get it. I never had boobs before and suddenly I have jugs. Don’t know how the hell that happened and not enjoying it at all.

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