The Truth About Weight Loss

When I first starting running marathons I gave people a whole plethora of answers as to why I was doing it, but the truth was I thought marathoning would make me look like Jennifer Anniston. Apparently that is not the case. Today I share what I have learned about weight loss and managing your weight even as a runner.

If you cannot see the video, try refreshing the screen.

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About Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan is first and foremost a mom of three beautiful children. She is the managing editor of Beyond Limits Magazine and the creator of Ann’s Running Commentary. In 2012, Ann took Ann’s Running Commentary to new levels – first with a segment on the RunRunLive Podcast, chronicling her journey to her first Ironman and second, with a new channel on YouTube. Currently Ann is working on a non-fiction book series and working hard every day to remind people to get up, get active and get out there.
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