Songs That Make Me Cry
Running marathon. It is actually my running list, turned marathon playlist. And it is full of all my favorite running songs. Still, that song. Oh how it ripped at my heart. Maybe if it were another song, a most of my marathoning experience just to run an easy three miles again. Running Playlist This was brought home this week by an accidental playing of my running playlist. One of the kids picked it grew tired of putting on a brave face. I miss running. I miss it with all my heart and would give up
Getting Out The Door
Running will put on my favorite running playlist and get out of this chair, empty the dishwasher or snow just outside of my office window are just another reminder of why running is hard. I know I have Running in the snow.JPG ? It is all about fooling my brain, tricking myself into believing that running is the only thing I running clothes. Having prepared myself for the run definitely makes it easier to get out of this chair . I will tell him the route I am running and what time I will get back. This is a good practice for
Knuckle Lights Review
Running stretch of the trail and it allows me to signal cars in both directions. Running with one is just not the hands it is like running hands-free. If you need to carry a water bottle or phone you can without
Against Doctor's Orders - I Ran
Running sabbatical from running I have beat myself up for the miles I put in over the years. I have thought about running. I have mourned and thought I had come to accept the loss. What the Doctors Said Every pavement and be able to continue running for years to come. I would have been smarter. A New Idea But Ironman. I would go to running 3 miles at a time every few days just so I could feel my feet on the doctor has advised me against running and I have heeded their advice. But every morning for the past
Time For A Change
Running at Spark Running but I will be tweeting, posting on Facebook and Instagram and working many of our that does the changing. So, last month when I discovered that Spark Running Store was closing, I for Ann’s Running Commentary? Would I expand on the editing job I did with Chris Russell for his stay at home and work at home mom and still stay active in the running scene. And I loved working was thrown for a loop. If you have been following along, you know that I have been at Spark Running
What Is Your Goal
Running accomplished as I did when I realized I met those goals. What is your goal? In running, yes, but in life
Boston Qualifying - My Aha Moment
Running have never put in the effort to be fast. I run long. And long is good but running long is not going to get me to Boston. Running fast is going to get me to Boston. I cannot expect to just add speed
First Time Marine Corps Marathon Advice
Running and marathons later, the Marine Corps Marathon is still my favorite. This weekend I will be running
No Excuses
Little Victories
Runner's Make A Difference
Running decision to give back. To make running about someone else and hope that that would pull me out of the hole I have been writing at Ann’s Running Commentary for five years. During most of that time I have the cause. Start running for a bigger purpose. Help runners make a difference. Games to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injuries and I recently announced that I am running the . Still, I did not think of this blog or my running life as an opportunity to give back. Then
Take The Plunge - A Running Commentary.
Running A Running Commentary to Kindle. Right away my most loyal friends and even a few strangers bought Take The Plunge - A Running Commentary.
I Hate My Friends
Running running together at the Wineglass Marathon in NY. I am seething a bit about my friends Sandy and Karen them. I hate them because this weekend, I was reminded how much I love running. I was reminded
Because I Can
Running , is the one at the top of the page of my friend Geri, running up this rock quarry. It is such a running photos. I received many and I used most of them in posts over the years. But the one that
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Running With My Heart
Running again. I wanted to love running like I used to. I wanted to get a hankering to get out there and I had running groups twice a week and inviting people to run with me on my long runs. That left me one day a losing my mind. So, what am I doing? I am running with my heart. I have no training program. I have followed plans all of our running lives. It is just the way you get it done. What I am doing without him. He had been my secret ingredient. So I improvised. I started running with the Fleet Feet Running With My Heart
Stop Sabotaging Your Training
Running that role if it means getting through to the runners who are sabotaging their chances of running a can understand that running is only making their injury worse, but they can’t allow themselves past two weeks. Apparently I have become the mom of the running community. I am willing to accept
Decisions Decisions
Running the same time next year. Aiming for this would mean running Steamtown, a great BQ race. But I am
4 Tips For New Runners
Running going to start running but I don’t want to buy running shoes until I am really sure I am going to about shoes, socks and running clothes. But mostly I have learned about runners. So many of us get started, but I would like to ask the veteran runners who frequent Ann’s Running Commentary to please read this post and leave your best tips for sticking with the running life. Or better yet, share them? I have learned so much since I started working at Spark Running in September. I have learned
Once Again A Fraud - The Run Run Live Podcast
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