I Bet You Didn’t Know

My Daily Mile and Twitter friend Mike Neifert tagged me in his 11 Things About Me post. Generally, I will let these things pass but my daughter and I had recently had a conversation about the fact that I share a lot with my readers and yet there are some things that would surprise people to learn about me. So, here’s my chance to share those and a few more to boot.

Here are the rules of the game as set out by Mike and our mutual friend Brian Adkins:

1)     Post these rules.
2)     You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3)     Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4)     Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5)     Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6)     No stuff in the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this.” You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 Random Things About me:

1)     I color – My mind has always whirled in a million directions, usually with ideas for new stories but often about random things that I come across in my day. One of the ways I found to turn this off was through coloring. As a child I had dozens of coloring books. As a teenager I created intricate patterns. These days I buy cool coloring books that seem to be made just for me.

2)     I do random pages of math – For the same reasons I mentioned above. I love to do math or math puzzles. It stops my brain for just a little while and allows me to focus on one subject.
3)     I went to five high schools. Three of them in one year. I spent my freshman year at North Brunswick High School in Leland, NC with many of the friends I am still in touch with today. Then my parents were divorced and my life turned upside down. In my sophomore year I went to Hoggard High in Wilmington, NC., Kendrick High School in Columbus, Ga. and Midlothian High in Midlothian, Va. We finally settled down in my junior year where I spent two years at North Brunswick High.
4)    I knit because I am competitive – That isn’t completely true. I had been looking for something else to stop my brain from whirling when I saw somewhere that Julia Roberts was a knitter and I decided that if she could knit, so could I.

My Favorite Knitting Project

5)     I listen to all genres of music – rock, rap, alternative, classical, screamo, country and anything else you can throw at me. But I hate pop. Lady Gaga and music like hers makes me cringe.
6)    I am the mama bear in my kids sports lives – I don’t really care that much about soccer but both of my kids play it. This has worked well for our family because my husband who loves the sport can pick teams for the kids based on the quality of the team and I can be the mom who makes sure my kids are treated well, not playing time but that their health is always taken into account. My kids do no play injured. There is no glory in that.
7) I pray every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. Iseldom ask for anything instead I thank God for everything that I have, specifically, my family.

8)     I experienced a miracle – I can’t remember whether I shared this or not but my mom was given less than a year to live over 20 years ago and I found myself in a small village at the bottom of Mont St. Michel in France. As we were making our way up to the main attraction I found myself called into a small chapel hidden in the side of the mountain. I went in alone and prayed fervently. As I prayed someone said out loud, “She will be okay.” I thought it was a professor who had been with us that day but realized I was completely alone in the chapel. Shortly after this my mother was told her cancer was completely gone. When asked why I believe in God, this is the best answer I can give.
9)     I was the first person in my family to go to college and interestingly enough, I never had a doubt that I would be.
10)  I am deathly afraid of most bugs and all spiders. I can literally be trapped in a room or my home by a bug or spider. I think it is an inherited disorder. Almost everybody in my family is equally frightened by them.
11)  I sing and dance wildly while I cook. I love to cook and I love music. When I combine the two, singing and dancing is sure to occur.

Mike’s Questions for Me:

1)     If you were to change careers, what would be your dream job? Why? I am doing my dream job but I didn’t start writing until about five years ago. I always knew it was what I wanted to do but I had been afraid to try it.
2)     What is your most prized possession? Why? Probably my house. I grew up in a trailer in a very unhappy family so my home that is filled with my happy family is the best thing I own.
3)     You’re offered a choice: Pepsi or Coke? Which do you choose and why? Pepsi. It has been my soda of choice since I was a teenager. But, I don’t really drink soda very often anymore.
4)     Would you rather do without your computer or your toothbrush for a week? Why? My toothbrush. I can’t stand to be without my computer.
5)     What do you order when you’re in a hurry and you have to take the drive-thru? Fish Filet.
6)     Would you rather skydive or read a good book? Why? Read a good book. I have always used books as an escape into other worlds. Besides, skydiving looks really scary.
7)     Long ride, long walk, long run or long swim? Which would you enjoy most right now? Why? Long ride. I can’t believe I am saying that but I love the bike.
8)     How many geese have you been attacked by in your lifetime? Remember the petting zoo! None, but a goat did eat the strings off of my halter top once and a duck bit my finger when I was trying to feed it at the lake one day.
9)     Which club would you be more likely to join: the Idiots Running Club or the Quilters Guild? Why? I am a certified member of the Idiots Running Club already, besides, older people hate me and I am pretty sure people in the Quilters Guild are on the older side.
10)  Have you met anyone famous or even semi-famous? Who? Did you talk with them or just stare? Ben Cheevers. I met him through an email conversation and whether he knows it or not, he was a huge part of why I decided to take the plunge into writing. He gave me the final push I needed.
11)  Mountain biking or road biking? Trail running or running on the street? Road biking, because mountain biking scares me. I don’t like to fall. Trail running because I love to be out in the woods on my own two feet.

My Questions for my tagged friends:

1. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
2. What were your sports of choice when you were younger?
3. What did you want to be when you grew up?
4. What profession did you ultimately end up in and why?
5. What is the single most important thing you think parents should teach their children?
6. When you run, what is the one thing your mind turns to the most often?
7. What is your favorite book and how many times have you read it?
8. If you could only pick one movie to watch for the rest of your life what would it be?
9. Are you more comfortable in the city or the country?
10. If you had the option of having spending three months of the year in another place, where would you choose?
11. What is your all time favorite museum to visit?

My Tagged People:

The lovely Tavia aka PigTailsFlying
My favorite trail runner Ultrarunnergirl
One of the most devoted moms and writers I know Paula Kiger
One tough cookie Donna DeWick
A woman of many talents Amy Reinink
Mara the Fast
My all time favorite foodie The Wicked Noodle
The most adventurous mom I know The Family Adventure Project
A blogger who has made me laugh so hard I have peed my pants Pamelot
My favorite podcaster RunRunLive
My Tri Motivator TriMeOn

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About Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan is first and foremost a mom of three beautiful children. She is the managing editor of Beyond Limits Magazine and the creator of Ann’s Running Commentary. In 2012, Ann took Ann’s Running Commentary to new levels – first with a segment on the RunRunLive Podcast, chronicling her journey to her first Ironman and second, with a new channel on YouTube. Currently Ann is working on a non-fiction book series and working hard every day to remind people to get up, get active and get out there.
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7 Responses to I Bet You Didn’t Know

  1. Paula Kiger says:

    Oh boy! Thanks (I think!). Is it possible that being tagged by two bloggers who don’t know each other in the “11 things” post is a sign that I should take the challenge? Thank you for tagging me (and for the compliment!). I think each of my 11 questions could be a darn blog in themselves – I tended to take phrases from other blogs and turn them into questions. We’ll see how that turns out. And Zolocolor looks SO COOL!!!!! You were wise to take your daughter’s advice – this was very interesting – thanks (sincerely) for the “deeper” stuff you shared.

  2. Mike M says:

    I love this Ann. What a great post. This is one of the drawbacks of not being on any social networking is missing things like this. You were a great friend when I was on Daily Mile.

  3. How fun to learn all that about you! The story of your miracle had me in tears. Thank you for a wonderful post and for tagging me!

  4. MichelleO says:

    Love this post! Although I have been fortunate to know you from NBHS and have reconnected, I find that we have much more in common than I thought! You are truly one of the most genuine and interesting people I know!

  5. Ann Brennan says:

    Michelle, if you had a blog I would have totally tagged you in this. So much catching up to do it would be a fun way to find out more about what has happening in __ years.

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  7. Pamela says:

    I tried to comment on this the other day from my phone, and I failed. User error. I love these random things about you. My mom colors too. And she rocks, like you.

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