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If you like what you see here and know of a publication that could use my voice, please contact me directly by leaving a comment below

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  1. Ann Brennan says:

    Jim, I love the new blog. I can’t believe you remembered me after all this time. Thank so much for getting in touch. Let me know if you would like to swap links for a blog roll.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Ann-

    Wanted to see if you might be interested in being a guest for the Feb. #womensrunning chat on running and running stories since you are an editor. Thanks for your time and look fwd. to hearing from you.(Head to my site for more info and I can email you more info too!) Thanks!


  3. I’m the author/publisher of two recent books on running. I would love it if you were to read my books and mention them on your blog.

    “Chasing the Runner’s High: My Sixty Million-Step Program” is the story of how I pushed my addiction to running up to, and then past, my limits. I share what I’ve learned, what I should have learned, and what I still have to learn from running.

    Marshall Ulrich, 4 time winner of the Badwater Ultramarathon, says my book “provides a hard look into the mind of a runner, offering advice that can only be had with experience and hard fought miles underfoot.” Adena Schulzberg, winner of the 2006 Arkansas Marathon, writes, “these are brutally honest tales, told with candor and frankness about strength, courage, obsession, desire and hard won understanding of self and sport.”

    R is for Running is “the lighthearted lexicon that spells out what it means to be a runner”. Even the crustiest old runner will get a smile out of reading it (actually, 26 smiles), and it’s an inexpensive and unique gift.

    As an independent publisher, I need all the assistance I can get to get the word out If you’re interested in reading the books in order to post something on your blog, do a review, or host an interview, please let me know and I’ll send you a digital edition in whatever format works for you.

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Ray Charbonneau
    Arlington, MA
    Book info and more:

    p.s.: Your readers might enjoy this video of me reading “R is for Running”:

  4. Brandy says:

    Hi Ann,
    I read your blog about the ABC group. Can you give me the contact information of the ABC swim group? I swam with them last year in the Magathy river a few times, but I did not get on their email list. I want to swim with them and try out my wet suit again.
    Thanks for the info,

  5. Hi Ann,

    You might be interested in this video interview I did with Gerry Duffy, who ran 32 marathons in 32 days.

    Here is the blog post about it:

    Hope you like it!



  6. rebecca wilcox says:


    My name is Becky Wilcox and I just want to say that I really enjoy I am a freelance writer that has the hugest passion for sports. I was wondering if I could send an article your way for review for possible publication on

    I would even be interested in compensating you through paypal for your efforts in choosing to publish the article, that is of course if you think the article is an informational read that your viewers will enjoy.

    Please let me know if your thoughts on this when you get the chance.

    Thanks so much,

  7. John Kilby says:

    Ann – we’d love to have you guest blog for our site – repurposed content is OK. We’d promote and link to your blog. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

  8. Heather Newton says:

    Hi Ann,
    It was awesome to meet you in person at Safeway last week. I follow your commentary and your twitter feeds. I am only training for a marathon but find your stories/blog so inspiring. You motivate me to keep going and provide me with a reality check that it’s okay to put my workouts ahead of some activities. I easily get caught up in mom, wife, work duties and forget to take care of me. I have 3 kids (12, and 9) and a husband who bikes as well. I hope I didn’t freak you out by approaching you in public but I have been looking forward to running into you on the trail or around town. Good luck with your Ironman training…. you are almost there!!!

  9. Rusty Covey says:

    Hi, running has been a very big part of my life. Since, the age of six, a near drowning created a peaceful type of mind-set, what I have come to know as Mindfulness. This mindful state of mind is really nice for it allows my runs to be enjoyable. Its like a run meditation. The next thing I know my five miles is up.

  10. Corey says:

    Hey Ann Nice blog. I tried to send a DM on Twitter but you don’t follow SergeantSlim! Anyway I will link to you.

  11. Ann Brennan says:

    I am following you on twitter now.

  12. Hi Ann! I just found your podcast in iTunes. I’m a new podcaster too (SlenderSafari) and I would love to interview you to talk about your ironman and running! I have a show that I’m hoping to help provide encouragement, motivation and inspiration to people trying to lose weight or maintain their weight. I am just getting back into running, which is tough to do when you are 80 pounds over weight. You sound energetic and happy on your show and I think we’d have a great time chatting. Let me know what you think. You can reach me on my blog if you like (I hate to leave my email in a comment box for those darn spam bots):

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you 🙂


  13. Ryan says:

    Hi Ann,
    I am enjoying your blog and was wondering when you are picking a winner for the zensah Jacket. I signed up and will follow you now. Thanks

  14. Ann Brennan says:

    Ryan, I will do the drawing not the friday but the following – Friday the 5th of April.

  15. Lacie Whyte says:

    Hi Ann-

    Enjoy your blog! We get questions often about positive blogs/sites for other women runners from our followers/customers. Will send your way!

    Lacie Whyte, Swirlgear

  16. Calling all running bloggers! is looking for running bloggers who would be interested in running our events for 3 months, writing reviews and providing feedback for our site. You can run any or all of our monthly races. You will also be sent your medals and bib downloads prior to the events start dates.
    If you’re interested please contact for more information.

  17. kath says:

    Thank you for sharing you personal life We are all rooting for you You have been an incredible role model and motivator for me Rest and look after yourself

  18. Clint says:

    Hi Ann,
    Great blog. I am writing an article about Running podcasts and was wondering if I could get your input. Thanks.

  19. Bridget says:

    I continue to listen to your podcasts and videos. THANK YOU! I really appreciate hearing your successes and struggles. Eariler this week (it was a really stressful week) I listened to your podcast-Why Runner’s Lie-it was just what I needed to hear for what I was going through (a new, good, yet veery stressful job). Then I was a little sad over the weekend and listened to somre more of your talks and re-listened to theFAITH song you shared…again, thank you for helping me to remain positive. Also, I think it was so cool you and your daughter did the walk for depression. I will have to listen to that when things settle down a bit (had to turn it off when I heard “running for my Daddy.” ). Keep it up Ann!!

  20. Ann Brennan says:

    This comment made my day. I often wonder whether what I write or put out there helps anybody. It is always nice to hear when it does. I hope things start getting easier for you.

  21. Eric says:

    My name is Eric with Can we post this link on your site?

  22. Kristin says:

    Thinking of you. Keep on keepin on, Ann!

  23. Chris Sargent says:

    Dear Ann:

    I just came across your site as I’m dealing with a lifelong depressive disorder myself and I’m debating beginning to run. I read your article from last fall, describing two stays in the hospital, suicidal thoughts, etc., and I could relate.

    Very inspiring. You may have, but I’m not sure, saved my life today. If not, you added to the quality of it….

    Thank you,


  24. Ann Brennan says:

    I am so glad to hear that my article helped. Depression sucks and is made so much worse because it lies and tells us we are alone. You are not alone. Please reach out again and let me know how you are doing.

  25. ben sibley says:

    hi ann,

    im putting together a website about the Hoka One One running shoes as I sell them in my podiatry clinic here in Brisbane. Can i use a link to your you tube video commentary about your experience with the Hoka One One shoes.

    thanks Ben

  26. Kevin says:

    Hey Ann,

    Just wanted to thank you for your Podcast and website. I’ve gone through similar things as you have with your daughter and yourself. I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one. I was worried about you since I haven’t seen (heard ?) a podcast for a while and am glad to read about the flowers you came across last week. As Chris wrote several weeks ago, you have added quality to my life and I thank your for it.

  27. eugene says:

    Inspiration to all Ann! Thank you for continuing to train through your arthritis it is truly an inspiration and makes me want to start running again with the hoka one’s have a wonderful run!

  28. Mike McGrady says:

    Thanks for the summer read recommendations. I just finished Grandma Gatewood’s Walk, which I found at the library. GG was the first Appalachian Trail thru-hiker in her 60s at the time. I found it very inspirational. What a story. It’s a non-fiction. For what it’s worth. Like your blog. Have a good run.

  29. Ann Brennan says:

    Thanks Mike. I will check it out. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail so it sounds perfect for me.

  30. Tom says:

    Ann, love the blog and wanted to reach out to you about a promotional opportunity. Do you have an email I can send details to?

    Also, I’m a West Point grad, 2008. Small world 🙂

  31. Jim Brennan says:

    Hi Ann,
    I don’t recall if I contacted you before about my memoir, Twenty-four Years to Boston, a story about my blue-collar life, working the Philadelphia waterfront, raising four children, and qualifying for the Boston Marathon when I turned fifty. I’d be glad to send you a copy if you’d mention on your blog. I know you have your hands full, so there is no hurry and no obligation. I’m grateful you got me started blogging four years ago just the same. Continued success and good health to you.

  32. Hi Ann, We met yesterday at the pool. I’ve been reading your articles and they are amazing. I would like to know more about a swimming coach. We have had a tough time finding one. Sharon at the fitness club has been great, but our hours are so different, I can’t seem to connect with her. The same is true for Kerri Robins.

  33. Hi Ann, Sorry, I wasn’t finished writing. Kerri has been a great help with structure and a training schedule. Could you give me a referral to a swimming coach?

  34. jim brennan says:

    Hi Ann,
    After four years I’ve been struggling with a decision on whether or not to shut down Rite2Run, but as I tried to write a final post it morphed into an entire new series sharing what I’ve learned about blogging, publishing, the writing life, and, yes, I plan to blog a sequel to my memoir. The reason I’m writing is to let you know that in my next post I will be giving you and Ann’s Commentary a shout-out as the fellow-runner, ultra marathoner, blogger who gave me a push to begin my first blog in 2011. So this is a thank you in advance. Keep an eye out on Rite2Run in a few days, and best of luck to you in all of your endeavors, and congrats on new job at Fleet Feet.
    jim brennan recently posted…Long May You RunMy Profile

  35. Ann Brennan says:

    Thanks so much Jim. I will keep an eye out.

  36. Violet Alexandre says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m co-founder of a safety first fitness app and I’d like to talk with you about it to see if you would like to try it out and share it with your readers.

  37. I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that we featured you in a list of 100 best running blogs. You can find our article at the following link:

    We would appreciate it if you shared this with your readers, followers and fans.
    Cascia Talbert recently posted…Saint Joseph – #WordlessWednesday with #linky on a TuesdayMy Profile

  38. Ann Brennan says:

    Thanks so much. I will definitely share it with my readers.

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